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Office 365 – plenty of benefits and one or two cautions

The way we work has changed. As computing technology has advanced and connectivity has switched from cable to wireless systems, we’re no longer tied to offices. In-house servers are no longer the bee’s knees – what matters now is being able to access information anywhere, and being able to work with it and collaborate, whilst keeping everything secure.

Cloud-based solutions, once the stuff of speculation are now firmly established and trusted by the world’s largest organisations. They offer huge benefits in terms of flexibility, scalability and security. Businesses no longer have to worry about investing in servers, disc capacity and maintenance. Instead, they can pay for the services they need and expand as their business grows. Employees no longer need to email files to each other and wait for updates. They can collaborate on live information from whichever part of the world they’re in, using almost any device.

One of the key providers Is Microsoft whose Office 365 platform is widely used and becoming more so. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it can offer a significant improvement in the way people work, improved security and a reduction in the burden of maintaining an in-house IT function and hardware. But although Office 365 has a lot to recommend it and includes the familiar and trusted applications that helped make Microsoft the giant it is, migrating to Office 365 isn’t necessarily straightforward.

The more complex a business set-up, the more ingrained and ‘hard-wired’ employees’ attitudes, the more likely it is that there will be problems with a move to the platform. A quick browse on the net will highlight plenty of warnings. Look beyond those cautionary tales, though, and it’s evident that most IT professionals agree that moving to Office 365 is worth it.

When making a fundamental change to the way a business operates, the very last thing the change should do is to stop that organisation working! What’s needed is a thorough understanding of the existing operation, its IT set-up, its users and its aims.  We believe that there’s no migration issue that can’t be solved with sound planning and a step-by-step approach.

We’ve helped a lot of businesses make the switch to Office 365, and we can say with confidence that our contribution has made a real difference. Companies know their data is secure and accessible and can begin enjoying the benefits of a new landscape of IT services.

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