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Say hello to your IT department


Have you ever wanted to offer IT services?

Now you can.

We believe that every business needs IT, but we know that not all organisations have the resource, will or desire to manage their own provision. That’s where we step in, with scalable, affordable solutions for everything from procurement and data storage to cyber security and onsite support.

In some ways, our operation mirrors yours. You’re providing specialist services and expertise, too, supporting your customers and bringing them the connections they need to operate in a fast-paced world. As digital technology advances, the links between telephony and IT systems are growing.

Some telephony providers already offer IT services and many have clients who would like a more integrated approach.

Have you ever wanted to offer IT services? Now you can. By using our experience, you would be able to provide a wide range of Managed IT services, including support, network management, systems development and maintenance. Think of it as a complete IT department ready to go. And because we understand the importance of your brand and corporate identity, we could provide all our services under your name.

All sorts of organisations are seeking efficiencies. They are looking to streamline operations and to exploit the latest technology to connect, process, share and store data. It seems to us that our two businesses have a natural fit. By choosing Urban IT to enable you to provide a complete telephony and IT service, your organisation will be ideally placed to grow.

We hope that you’d like to discuss our ideas further. You can contact us, at any time, in complete confidence. Let’s have a chat about the possibilities.