Data Cloud Solutions Liverpool

According to EuroStat, 21% of EU enterprises use cloud computing in their daily work day. The exponential growth of cloud stored data has created more risks to your data. At Urban IT Solutions, we understand your concerns and can provide data cloud solutions in Liverpool.

In offices around the world, Microsoft Office, Outlook Exchange and more depend on cloud storage to work to their full potential. Access to your emails and documents is all-important for your company, so ensuring your cloud systems are safe is paramount.

We have three main packages to solve your cloud-related issues:

  • UrbanCloud: Giving you the three most important features required with the cloud. Business-hosted email, professional anti-virus software and an award-winning cloud backup service all in one package.
  • UrbanSelect: This gives you the ultimate control over what features you want and will benefit from. We have six pieces of software to choose from (including SharePoint, Mozy and Norton Anti-Virus), and you will be billed depending on how many you select.
  • UrbanCloud Plus: The best package we have, you will receive all six applications to fully ingratiate into your current work processes. Email, back-up and Microsoft Dynamics will all to support your cloud solutions.

To discover more about our cloud solutions and which package will work best for your company, get in touch with us today.