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Highlight and address your data security vulnerabilities using our experienced consultants who will prescribe the best products to protect your business to suit your budget.

Cyber Risk

Urban IT Solutions experienced consultants work with you to understand and secure your IT systems and network.

Regardless of whether your objective is to get smarter about the protection of your assets or to aim towards compliance certification, our experts can assist to identify the products or services that meet your needs.

We have the means to detect security weaknesses and protect your systems beyond the level of much needed antivirus and encryption products to ensure that your network and systems are safe and secure not just from cyber-attacks but other breaches caused by internal and external sources.


With the continuing rise in cyber crime, serious consideration MUST be made to ring fence your business. Worryingly, many businesses are unaware that they have been targeted due to their lack of detection and protection systems. Most unwanted visitors reach into your systems due to poor system access protection and weak IT policies.

Get in touch now on 0845 363 0404 to see how our consultants can advise you on the best way to protect your business by investing in the highest forms of detection and protection your budget will allow.