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Security Training

Our training on security awareness will enhance your companies understanding of cyber threats.


Our security awareness training focuses on the all too common cyber threats that businesses face every day.

Raising awareness of cyber security threats within your company and the need for individuals to be vigilant is the first line of defence in preventing cyber-attacks. We focus on what each employee can and should do to help protect your business from attack.

Our modular packages allow you to address particular areas of your workforce to enhance understanding of individual accountability and mitigate internal and external risks surrounding a cyber-breach and ultimately the protection of your data.

Staff Cyber Security Training – Create a culture of security making your teams aware of internal and external security threats and encourage them to do their bit to avoid a breach.

Board / Partner Cyber Security Training – Acknowledge all business assets, the risks of those assets falling into the wrong hands, and discussion about the measures that can be taken to safeguard them against a breach.

Data Protection Training – Familiarise your workforce with the legal implications surrounding handling, sharing and storing data in alignment with the Data Protection Act, governed by the ICO.

Home & Mobile Worker – Learn how to proactively manage external cyber threat risks allowing you to access your business data safely whilst working from home or on the road.

Policy & Procedure – A cost effective way to deliver initial understanding and re-enforcement of knowledge throughout your company of your own policies using and e-leaning platform.

Social Engineering Training – Social engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information. Gain awareness of the methods used by social engineers to defend your business.

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