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Cyber Protection

Sophisticated cyber threat protection products and services to reduce the risk of system penetration from the outside world.


Urban IT Solutions have a suite of cyber threat protection products and services to choose from.

Our products address your security exposures that exist through system penetration, social engineering, and IT equipment theft.

Whether you have used one or more of our Cyber Threat Detection solutions to determine your current cyber risks or you are already aware of them, we can help you to secure your systems and continue to safeguard them through important monitoring and other control methods.

System Lockdown – Secure your IT systems through technical expertise and industry leading encryption, antivirus, email and web filtering products

System Monitoring & Management – Ongoing port and patch management with network monitoring as a stand-alone service or part of a support package.

Compliance Adherence – Regular reviews to check policy vs. end user compliance with support to introduce new polices where required.

Security Awareness – Training courses to raise awareness in the workplace of the types of cyber threats that exist, how to avoid them and how to respond in the event of an attack.

Disaster Recovery Planning – Provision of IT Disaster recovery plans to assist following a cyber incident.

Asset Management Regular audits of your IT assets to protect against theft and assist in recovery following a cyber incident


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