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Disaster Recovery

Our Business Continuity solutions help to minimise disruption in the event of an incident.


Providing peace of mind, we’ve got you're IT backup and recovery in hand

Business Continuity Planning within the context of IT is about two key areas:>

  1. The implementation of appropriate levels of resilience to your infrastructure to remove as many weak spots as possible to avoid down time
  2. A disaster recovery plan to minimise disruption and speed up recovery should disaster strike.


For businesses that simply can’t tolerate any operational downtime IT resiliency is imperative. Urban IT Solutions will work with you to assess your business continuity risks and provide a suitable solution to remove the risk all together or minimise to best effect.

Resiliency planning plays a major role with application storage, networking equipment and the network itself. Implemented in the correct way will minimise the need to call upon your Disaster Recovery Plan.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning is an essential part of any organisation’s response planning. It sets out how the business will operate following an incident and how it expects to return to ‘business as usual’ in the quickest possible time afterwards.

A Disaster Recovery Plan need not be specific to just major incidents it should be applied to any incident that causes disruption, from the temporary loss of a specific user application, through to a full technical and/or physical access failure brought about by incidents such as major fire, flooding or power fault.

Urban IT Solutions provide support to businesses in the provision of an IT Disaster Recovery Plan. We can help to identify the assets and IT processes that are critical to your business and put reliable Backup Solutions in place to minimise disruption time in the event of a disaster and also provide practical IT solutions during the resolution phase of a disaster, all of which are designed to help you to return to business as usual as quickly as your business demands

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