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UrbanCloud Plus

A bundle of six cloud-based applications for businesses who have a heavy demand on IT applications and need to access them from anywhere.


A predictable monthly payment based on the number of users per application makes it easy to manage your software operating costs.

Business-class hosted email designed to help your business communicate securely, efficiently and effectively. Based on Microsoft Exchange 2010 hosting edition combined with Microsoft Office Outlook, the service offers mobile, remote and desktop email access with state-of-the-art productivity, security and privacy.

Hosted anti-virus protection for your desktops and laptops using a Symantec based solution that secures your chosen hardware without slowing you down. It will keep you protected at all times in the office or while on the road.

Award winning cloud backup service that protects Windows and Mac servers in addition to all of your computers for complete data protection for your business. Our reliable backup application runs automatically removing human intervention. The backup schedule is very flexible and can be set according to what you need.

Out of box intranet for document sharing that connects your teams together, automates business processes and secures your company data. Accessible from any location with an Intranet-enabled device; it can also be integrated with all Microsoft products including Hosted Exchange.

Communicate instantly across your business with a full communications suite. Broaden your ability to communicate with colleagues and suppliers with Instant Messaging, Conferencing and Telephony in one easy to use product.

Connect your clients with your sales, marketing and customer service teams through fluid interfaces and prescriptive processes to aid consistently and efficiently. This powerful tool keeps you up to date with client and business progress wherever you are.

Any of the six applications in UrbanCloud Plus can be provided individually.

SharepointMicrosoft Lync and Microsoft Dynamics 2013 can be provided straight out of the box to you, or we can configure them to optimise their full potential for your business.

It’s easy to get started with UrbanCloud Plus but if you prefer to bundle a different group of applications together for your business take a look at UrbanCloud Select.

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