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System Monitoring Packages

Ongoing monitoring and management of your IT Systems is a crucial element of protecting and preserving your IT investment.


We have three standard System Monitoring & Management packages to cover you and your business needs.

System Performance

To make sure your investment is running at its best.

Security Monitoring

To ensure the good guys can always get in whilst keeping the bad guys out.

Our sophisticated monitoring tools report on traffic behaviour and port access allowing our experienced engineers to:

  • Track the health and performance of servers on your network over time
  • Diagnose and resolve impending problems before they impact end users
  • Rapidly troubleshoot and recover from systems failure when it occurs
  • Quickly identify both under and over utilized resources
  • Optimize future investments in server capacity

Standard Monitoring

A great option for organisations with simple IT systems and a limited network. This package comes free of charge with any IT support package.

Advanced Monitoring

Where IT systems and networks are more extensive, or where the business network’s performance is critical, a more proactive approach to monitoring is advisable. Our Advanced Monitoring package suits SMEs with complex servers and networks.

Advanced Plus Monitoring

For the extra support and security required by businesses with extensive networks, complex, diverse hardware and a reliance upon their IT systems and network connectivity. Our Advanced Plus Monitoring package includes active monitoring of user activity and management of starters and leavers.

With our industry leading products coupled with our expertise, we can monitor your system to identify issues before they become problems

System monitoring & management can be provided as a stand-alone service or combined with one our comprehensive IT support packages.

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