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Feel the benefits of one single support provider for you and your franchisee network


Urban IT Solutions has developed system blueprints which enable a new franchise to be up and running in no time and without deal-breaking installation costs.

Urban IT Solutions has over a decade of experience providing IT services to Franchises. This means we have a sound appreciation of the relationships that exists between all parties and the best ways to ensure your IT systems comply with the requirements established by you as the Franchisor whilst maintaining trust with your franchisee network.

franchise-imageWe know that consumers want the same experience and the same great service, but franchisors want that too: consistent, accurate and timely information is essential. Part of delivering that is to have a common IT platform: one where measuring uses the same yardsticks; one where monitoring records the data that’s relevant and where reporting is standardised and efficient. And that’s what our service delivers. Of course, it’s critical that your network really is networked, so we can handle that too!

We’ve built systems in the north that work perfectly in the south and we’ve done it all with a clear knowledge of the importance of data security. If a franchisee moves on, your precious information is safe.

The Urban IT team is forward thinking, practical and supportive. Our aim is to design and implement systems that make good businesses into great businesses. With our specialised franchising experience, your operations can become truly outstanding.

A consistent approach to IT across your franchise network plays an important role in your success:

  • Ensure the same high levels of service each and every time your customers come into contact with your brand.
  • The ability to measure, monitor and report on performance quickly and effectively.
  • Launch new franchises quickly with an IT blue-print which can be built into the minimum investment plans.
  • Close or transfer the ownership of franchises with the comfort that the correct controls are in place.


Support packages

Our specialist franchising support packages allow you to bundle a costs at a central level that will benefit each of your franchises regardless of their location. You can download a PDF of our packages here or get in touch now to learn how we have provided support for the leading franchises in the UK along with those who are just getting started.

To talk about your business and its challenges, call us anytime on 0845 363 0404 or email us at [email protected]