UK GDPR Consultancy

With the changes to the data protection laws, businesses still need to implement important steps to ensure they comply. UK GDPR isn’t all about IT related areas and is very much a business requirement. However, as UK GDPR practitioners, there is a great deal we can do to help you with compliance.

Our customised GDPR consultancy will support your compliance needs. Our service includes staff training and the introduction of policies and procedures required by the regulations.

Get an understanding of how compliant your business is from an IT perspective. Our technical consultants will complete a Technical Security Health Assessment in line with the UK GDPR Principle 6 (integrity and confidentiality) and prepare a report thereafter which will highlight security issues and detail a remedial action plan.

Rights of Data Subjects are a key factor to the UK GDPR. If a Data Subject requests details of all the data you hold relating to them, you have only one month to respond, but finding all the information is often an expert job. We can offer the skills and support needed to ensure your systems are thoroughly interrogated.

UK GDPR introduced a Data Privacy by Design law which requires an assessment to be performed before the introduction of any new process or system into a business. We can help you prepare a Data Protection Impact Assessment to ensure you comply.

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