Just wanted to say thanks for all the effort and support you provided last week. If they ever introduce an Olympic event for ploughing through excessive bureaucracy you’d be a dead cert for gold

Financial Services

Your engineers have been brilliant in sorting out our laptops, we really can’t tell you how grateful we are

Safety Company – Northwest

You demonstrated from the very first day, a desire to understand our business

Marketing Company – Northwest

We value your skill set and customer service which is extraordinary

Engineering Company – Northwest

Urban proved themselves on the very first day of support, the power failed across the city. We were back up and running with minimum disruption

Manufacturing Company – Northwest

Urban IT Solutions delivers a consistently high level of service. You have to experience it to really understand what it means

Legal Firm – Northwest

Urban always has our best interests in mind which makes it a successful partnership

Estate Agent – Northwest

My team travel the world and need 24/7 access to our data, Urban listened to our requirements and provided a solution that was perfect for us

Retail Sector