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Our monitoring and maintenance packages set us apart from our competitors.

We include important system procedures that quite often can get overlooked during the decision making process when choosing an IT Support Provider.

There are two further packages available, for those businesses who want help with security patch management and advanced checks on their server environment; some of which are a UK GDPR requirement. Ask for more information on the three packages below to make sure you choose the one that is right for your business.

We include our standard monitoring package free of charge with any of our support packages. If you need something more, we have two enhanced packages to choose from.

Our monitoring and maintenance packages



Ensure system performance by monitoring the usage threshold of your managed devices (CPU, memory and storage)
Internet uptime monitoring to ensure you remain connected wherever there’s a public static IP address
Maintaining an inventory of your managed devices and responding proactively to alerts
The extra reassurance of comprehensive threshold monitoring: CPU, memory, storage, uptime, switches and firewalls – plus automated configuration of compatible managed switches and firewalls.
Website uptime monitoring
Advanced checks of Windows service (e.g. Exchange Web. AD. DNA. DHCP etc.)
Maintain system security with Windows patch management for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supported devices
Bespoke monitoring of external system uptime where applicable
Bespoke Windows service monitoring
Expert third-party patch management for OEM supported devices
Regular complete reviews including system health checks, asset inventories, connectivity reporting, security and vulnerability scans, and advice to minimise the risk of cyber attacks
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Web hosting packages

Most businesses understand the importance of website content management to ensure it’s kept up to date. However, taking steps to back up the website content in the event of corruption and make sure the domain on which the website resides is secure is often overlooked until there’s a crisis. We offer web hosting and domain management packages to cover all your needs:



Facilitate the hosting of your website on an industry-leading platform
Website Management – Basic content alterations when required, to you website to keep your customers up to date.
Website Monitoring – Apply uptime monitoring and alert notifications to your website and centrally manage any reported issues.
Website Content Security – Apply intrusion protection, detection and auditing tools to prevent unauthorised access to your website.
Website Backup – Ensure your precious website content and associated databases are backed up ready for recovery in the event of a failure

Our Domain Management Packages



Manage your domain renewals to ensure they don’t expire.
Manage domain alterations and additions. (A Records, CNAME, MX Records, SPF)
Provide a proactive security service to minimise intrusions on your web host with an option for a security certification. (HTTPS)
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