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In a constantly evolving industry, your IT infrastructure needs to be scalable, adaptable and designed around you

Today, there a various options for housing your IT infrastructure. It may be within your own environment, in a single data centre, across multiple sites or it may reside in Microsoft Azure and 365. Whatever the location, however complex the configuration, your IT infrastructure needs to be continually optimised and managed if it is to serve your business correctly.

We’ll be happy to take you through all the options, explain all the pros and cons, and detail how our management processes would work best for you. To give you a flavour, the following are typical solutions we’ve implemented and are managing now.

Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft Azure

The leading cloud alternative or hybrid partner to the on-premise infrastructure solution. The Azure cloud platform is more than 200 products and cloud services designed to help you bring business IT solutions to life. Build, run, and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of your choice.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is designed to help you achieve more with innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security. Take your traditional Microsoft Office software to a new subscription-based model with tonnes of extra features and feel the benefits of true agile working.

On-Premise Physical and Hybrid Services

Physical Servers

We can help specify, source, install and manage any number of physical servers. These could have various functions including security and connectivity. For example, a server could be dedicated to a database, another to web services, and another to authentication, all supported and managed according to your needs.

Hybrid Servers

Where cloud services fit alongside your existing physical infrastructure, we can combine on-premise server technology with products such as OneDrive which can sync with Sharepoint and we can link Active Directory users to the power of Azure AD for Microsoft 365 users. Hybrid options will be developed in line with your operation and managed by our experts thereafter.

Learn more about our expertise below.

Microsoft Hyper-V | Powered by VMware

Microsoft Hyper-V

We utilise expertise in platforms like Microsoft’s Hyper-V®to deliver virtualisation at a great price. You get all the reassurance of regular backups and the added security of a secondary data location in case of extreme circumstances. What’s more, the architecture is designed specifically for your business and managed by our experts.

Powered by VMware

Enjoy the power of VMware® and vSphere®and benefit from working with an extra layer of software in your infrastructure which helps to manage your resources and storage and ensures the smooth running of your applications.

Often a neglected area of IT infrastructure, database management can be critical to your business success and continuity. Our Managed Services can include your databases and your SQL Servers and monitor them to ensure they perform at their best.

Network Infrastructure | Firewalls | Custom Switches | Load Balancers | SSL Certs

A business without an effective network will always struggle to reach its full potential but our approach covers all the essentials. We’ll scale networks to suit your volumes and build in robust protection against DDoS attacks.

Network infrastructure

Our attention to detail is second to none. When we design and implement any managed ITinfrastructure, we are always looking at the bigger picture. Networks are expertly designed ensuring all the security protocols are built in, reducing your risk and enhancing the performance of all your IT resources.


Our firewall options are amongst the very best. Your network will be protected by Cisco® or Juniper and our managed service will ensure your protection is always monitored and always defending your systems.

Custom Switches

If you’re ready to work in the cloud we can upgrade your network to 10GbE. You’ll have the best custom switches from Cisco® or Arista® and a network configured to your exact needs.

Load Balancers

Every aspect of your system matters. High-quality load balancers are an essential part of ensuring your infrastructure supports your business by maintaining the speed and security of your processes.

SSL Certs

More and more people are aware of the importance of SSL certification which confirms your commitment to data protection, encryption and secure transmission. Our experts will work with you on this crucial step.

Storage Area Network (SAN) | Network Attached Storage (NAS) | Managed Backup | Disaster Recovery

Storage Area Network (SAN)

Take your storage data off the user network and enjoy improved performance where each server can independently access the shared storage. We can offer various configurations including block-based or file-level options.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Our expertise with network attached storage solutions will ensure your operation can handle any amount of data storage, support file sharing and benefit from the scalability offered by virtualisation.

Managed Backup

Your data is invaluable and any failure in your backup processes can leave you exposed. Our managed backup service is affordable and designed to ensure you’re never at risk of losing data.

Disaster Recovery

Although we’d all like to think we won’t get hit by disaster, even a small scale incident can have lasting repercussions on your business. Our disaster recovery solutions are robust, practical and proven to deliver if there’s a crisis.

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