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When the power of advanced software combines with the resourcefulness of your people there are no limits.

Working in the cloud boosts collaboration, speeds your processes and keeps your operation bang up to date, whatever your location, wherever you do business.

The transition to better ways of working is simple with Urban IT. Our Managed Cloud Services make everything straightforward and our expertise covers the leading cloud-based solutions. We’ll help you pinpoint the right option for your business, and whatever software you choose, with our dedicated support, you’ll be up-to-speed in no time.

Once you’re established with your new software, you’ll have all the advantages of robust cloud working:

  • Access and share files from any location
  • Allow flexible working in complete control
  • Grow your team with software that supports their development, ingenuity and passion
  • Enjoy the latest functionality and always be up to date
  • Save money – cloud services are affordable and easy on the budget.

In addition, you’ll be protected.

The benefits of cloud protection

When your business relies on computers, a server breakdown can spell disaster. A hacker could cause mayhem, even a hiccup can turn into a problem that takes days or weeks to fix. If your data is managed in the cloud, you can relax. It’s protected by incredible levels of security and encryption.

Businesses across the world are leveraging the benefits of advanced cloud-based solutions. We’re experts in Microsoft’s Office 365, but we know that other solutions are available, and if alternatives suit your operation better, we’ll gladly support your choice. In fact, we can add any cloud-based solution to the suite of services we offer and support. Just give us a call to talk about your needs.

Moving to Managed Cloud Services is like taking the brakes off your business. Make the move with Urban IT.

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