Give a little time, get a lot of happiness

Study after study on the things that make people feel happy include the idea of giving back or contributing in some way. Our work in the community didn’t start out as a means of increasing our happiness – it just felt “right” – but it’s certainly given us great pleasure over the years, and we know it’s made a difference to many lives.

We’re involved in two community projects, both Warrington based – as indeed we are. We’re proud of this town and its people and naturally, we want to support them. But the impact of local initiatives on people’s lives cannot help but spread far wider. Who knows which parts of the world have been positively changed by our involvement in these projects?

The first of these projects arose out of terrible events. In 1993, the IRA chose to target Warrington. Those most severely impacted by the bombing refused to be dominated by thoughts of revenge or hatred, turning their efforts to the promotion of peaceful resolution. To this day, the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation, named after the two young boys who lost their lives in the attack, continues to work on preventing conflict, violence and terrorism.

The charity has a physical base, The Peace Centre, and it has been our privilege to provide them with full IT Support, both at their site and remotely. We’re not campaigners, but we know that by using our skills with IT, we can support those who are in their amazing, inspiring work.

Of course, we shouldn’t, and don’t, underestimate the loss and grief felt by the victims’ families.  Many of the team at Urban are parents, too, and although we hope that nothing like this ever happens again, if tragedy struck, we like to think that we, too, could respond in a positive way.

That’s probably because we believe in people and their potential – even the much-maligned younger generation. We’re actively backing that belief by providing full IT support to a remarkable organisation – Warrington Youth Club.

Since 1952, when it was known as the Warrington Boys Club, the club has nurtured the potential of thousands of young people in the area by delivering a vast array of evening, weekend and holiday time projects. The club supports those aged from 7 to 25, and although it’s a great source of fun activities, its purpose is wider. It expands horizons and encourages skills development, boosts self-confidence and helps its members to establish positive and healthy life choices.

As we’ve got to know the team at Warrington Youth Club, we’re seen first-hand the impact they’re having and the positive influence they provide in the local community. They’re making a difference, contributing to happiness and they, too, are feeling the benefit.

As for the Urban team – we’re definitely enjoying our community work. And if anyone asks, yes, it’s true, contributing is a source of happiness.