New numbers, same great support

Since the early days of Urban IT, we have used the service desk number 0845 363 0403. At the time, having a national number was the ‘thing to do’, and we’ll admit we’ve become quite attached to it. But times have changed, and we want to offer you something better. Changing a number you’ve become familiar with might not sound like good news, but it is. You’ll save money as calls will be charged at a local rate instead of the traditional national rate.

We’re making it easy

There are two numbers, following the same easy to remember format. You’ll soon have them sorted and be saving money every time you get in touch.
Support Service Team: 03300 948 770
Operations Team: 03300 948 780

If you dial the old number, you’ll still get through. We’re keeping the number live because we know that adjusting can take a little time. But the sooner you start with the new numbers, the sooner you’ll be saving.

The numbers are live – Start Saving – Use them the next time you call